Article: The Power of Nancy Drew published by Women Writers, Women's Books

Growing up in Sherwood Park, a sleepy enclave in Yonkers where nothing exciting ever happened, I was captivated by the adventures of Nancy Drew. Captivated, too, by the number of orphans I found walking the pages of the Drews.

In The Secret of the Old Clock, for instance, when Nancy rescues a child who has fallen into a river, I discovered that the child was being raised by two elderly aunts. Doesn’t she have a mother? This was electrifying; I read on to hear that Nancy’s own mother had died and she was being raised by her father and Hannah Gruen, their housekeeper. A few chapters later, Nancy met Grace and Allison Cooper, two sisters were running a small farm by themselves, as both of their parents had died.


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This Woman Thought Her Mom Disappeared, But She Was Lied To Her Whole Life

A new book details the family secrets of a famous author.
by Marianne Garvey

Barbara Donsky was three-years-old when she thought her mother just disappeared. No one had told her she had actually died. 

She was left confused as a child, with only one memory of asking her mother to go to the park one afternoon. Her mom, Veronica, couldn’t get out of bed, and that’s the last time she saw her. 


Shelf Pleasure: 6 Books for armchair travelers

If a trip abroad is not in your immediate future, here are a few transporting recommendations.

If a biography or an autobiography tells the story of a life, a memoir tells of the turning points in that life that help to answer the question: How did I become who I am? What I’ve come to realize is that — and this may be due to my youthful attachment to that inveterate gumshoe, Nancy Drew—I’m drawn to literature set in foreign locales. Growing up in a quiet neighborhood where nothing exciting ever happened, I counted on Nancy’s exploits to spark my imagination and brighten my days. Nancy loved to travel; so did I—even vicariously. But if a trip abroad is not in your immediate future, here are a few transporting recommendations.

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Article: In Search of Lost Loves

Who among us has not known the death of someone near and dear? Death can come in an instant at it did at the hands of terrorists, for those who had gathered for a holiday party in San Bernardino, California. Or it can linger painfully long, as it does for so many fighting the arduous battle against cancer. No matter how it comes, the cultural expectation today is that we grieve for a while and then we move on. But that is not the case. At least, that’s not the way I see it...READ MORE