Paris 041  I welcome guest bloggers on Desperately Seeking Paris. However, before you send me anything you should know the nature of the blog. A Francophile at heart, I blog on lifestyle happenings with a French twist. That could be anything from the discovery of a fabulous new restaurant on the Lower East Side, to an afternoon spent with Matisse at MoMA or to a Sunday morning—following in Woody Allen’s’ footsteps—at le Musée des Arts Forains, the Museum of Fairground Arts in the 12th in Paris.

If you check out some of the past posts, you will get a feeling for the blog. If your posts dovetail with mine, please contact me first before you forward anything.

What I’m looking for are writers whose posts would add to the weekly conversation with my readers, many of whom have told me that reading Desperately Seeking Paris on Sunday mornings is like taking a mini-vacation. It is not a how-to blog. Posts full of content but lacking a fresh perspective would not be appropriate. Moreover, I reserve the right to edit your post if need be, to make it a better fit for my blog.

Other Considerations:

• The posts must be well written and accompanied by appropriate images. Posts of 500-750 words would seem ideal. Not too short, not too long. Please submit as a Microsoft Word doc. • Be sure to include an author bio at the end of the post. • Attach a JPEG head shot. • Include links to your website, blog or Facebook page so readers can find you. • Please provide an original post. I appreciate you wanting to share your thoughts with my readers. —Barbara