Website Design: A Fresh New Face and All Things Coral


Are you someone who never changes your desktop or the design of your website? Not me. This month, I’ve been viewing a succession of waterside locations, trying to keep cool, as summer is still with us in New York. Today finds me splashing the rock-strewn coast of Kauai, whereas a few months ago, I was trekking In the Himalayas. Which is when I offered Ganesha my good-luck coral ring, one I certainly wouldn't let just anyone wear.

All Things Coral (3) I tell you this by way of explanation. It’s that there’s a fresh look, a new design for the website, one we anticipate launching October 1st. Mainly, there will be a different header and a warmer pallet--more coral than mauve. Why the change? It's that I'm mad for orange and coral, warm colors that make for a happy heart. Not only that, these colors are thought to warm the sacred chakra of creativity. No wonder it feels so good when you wear them. See for yourself.

Below is a photo of two of my favorite things: my signature perfume, 24 Faubourg by Hermès in their signature orange box, and a coral choker from Marbella in southern Spain, showing the head of the beautiful Medusa, her locks turned to snakes. In ancient times, Medusa, was considered a paradox, a combination of beauty and horror, whose stare was thought to conceal the secret of the sacred. Which is probably why we see her looking off into the distance.

All Things Coral

Then, too, there's the light as silk, cashmere polka-dotted scarf from PURE Collection, knotted with a coral Bakelite bracelet found at the flea market, Les Puces, on the edge of Paris.  Whether or not it's genuine Bakelite is hard to say, as I have not performed any of the recommended tests. All I know is that when you slip it on your wrist, you feel like a million bucks.  And further down, a close up of the print of a jacket perfect year round.


All Things Coral (4)

All Things Coral (2)


And I have one more touch of coral for you. The other day, I joined a group of former TWA hostesses for lunch in the Members' Dining Room at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. One lucky lady ordered the lobster salad, a winner!


At the MET 011


There has been some confusion about receiving weekly updates. To do so, you have to leave your email address and then Word-Press contacts you, asking you to CONFIRM. Only then are you added to the mailing list. It's free, it's fun, and you can always discontinue (it's the law).

And if you had trouble "commenting" last week, there was a glitch that we think has been remedied. All thanks to my fabulous website designer, Bobbie Lee Crow, who in addition to designing websites is a cellist, composer, arranger and conductor. As well as one of most patient men I have ever met. So, try again, won't you? I love the comments.

Oddly enough, I’ll miss the tricycle that pops up when you google Desperately Seeking Paris. Originally meant as a placeholder, it's nearing retirement. But I've become fond of it. Mainly because a tricycle figures into the only memory I have of my birth mother. A memory, by the way, that opens a forthcoming memoir about the writer's search for her "missing" mother. More on that at a future date! But for now, do you feel the warmth? feel the glow? Mais oui!

Hope to see you next Sunday....Babs