Jewelry: The Body Transformed

Just in time for the gift-giving season, the most splendiferous gift of all arrived November 12th at the Metropolitan Museum of Art: Jewelry: The Body Transformed. So what’s it going to be? Alexander’s Golden Legacy consisting of arm bands with sea gods and a tritoness? Foot coverings fit for a queen from Thebes, circa 1479-1425 B.C.? Gold earrings with elephants and winged lions from 1st century B.C. India?

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Balanchine: The City Center Years

When Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia opened the doors of New York City Center in 1943, he was fulfilling a promise to New Yorkers that they could see world-class performances at affordable prices. It was all part of a plan to make New York the center of innovation in the worlds of dance, music, and theater. It was a promise made, a promise kept.

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A Jewel Box: TEFAF

On Friday, October 26, 2018 The Society of Memorial Sloan Kettering hosted the Opening Night of TEFAF NEW YORK at the Park Avenue Armory. Proceeds from the evening benefited MSK’s patient care, research and education programs. And what a dazzling night it was!

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The Ferryman: A Modern-Day Classic

The Ferryman is set in rural County Armagh in Northern Ireland in late August 1981. It’s time for the harvest and a celebration, time for a festive family dinner punctuated with music and dancing. But before that happens, there is a prologue that takes place on a bleak street in Derry: Father Horrigan (Gerard Horan), a priest who knows the Carney family well, is called to a meeting with the sinister Mr Muldoon (Stuart Graham) who informs him that the body of Seamus Carney, who disappeared on New Year’s Day 1972, at the age of twenty, has been found in a peat bog in County Louth, shot in the back of the head as retribution for his defection from the IRA. The priest is instructed to take the message to the dead man’s family along with a warning—they are not to blame or bad mouth the IRA.

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Longchamp: The French Connection

Ever since the story broke that the 123-year-old Henri Bendel flagship would be closing in January 2019, nostalgia buffs, visitors to the city and fans alike have been streaming through the doors at 712 Fifth Avenue, hoping to walk away with a last-minute purchase from what had been an iconic store. The cry of the crowd has been: Sell me something to remember you by! Unfortunately, the once swanky icon with one-of-a-kind designs is long gone, and nowadays you’d have to content yourself with commercial pieces. It’s the end of an era.

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Mountain Bird Finds A Perch in Spanish Harlem

Fans of ‘Mountain Bird’ will be delighted to hear it’s been sighted at 251 East 110th Street. Until now, the ‘bird’ has refused to stay on one perch. Notwithstanding its popularity and critical acclaim, Mountain Bird, originally at East 145th Street in Harlem, was forced to close because of lease issues. After taking a year sabbatical, the owners have reopened in collaboration with the events organization Tastings Social.

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Colette: A Woman Ahead of Her Time

“What would you like to do?’’ asked a friend coming into town for the day.

“Let’s go to Paris.”


“Yes, I’ll meet you at the Paris theater. There’s a new film, ‘Colette,’ playing. Afterwards we can go to a little French restaurant for lunch and catch up. How’s that sound?”

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