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Colette: A Woman Ahead of Her Time

“What would you like to do?’’ asked a friend coming into town for the day.

“Let’s go to Paris.”


“Yes, I’ll meet you at the Paris theater. There’s a new film, ‘Colette,’ playing. Afterwards we can go to a little French restaurant for lunch and catch up. How’s that sound?”

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French Breads and Pastries: The Upper East Side

What better time to walk the streets of any great city than when it’s snowing or raining? It's that precipitation—be it rain, sleet, hail, snow or fog—has a way of blurring the sharp edges of a metropolis, slowing the pace of its inhabitants walking with downcast eyes, and lowering the decibel count. When the everyday hustle-bustle fades, the city takes a deep breath.    

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MET FIFTH: From Paris to Provence

Are you longing for Spring? Tired of winter-grey skies and the dreary parkas scurrying by? Take it from me, it won’t be long in coming. I've seen the signs. For starters, last week the calendar was reminding me to change the clocks from Daylight Savings to Standard Time. Spring Forward!

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Breaking News!

New York: The fifth annual BEVERLY HILLS INTERNATIONAL 2016 AWARDS® has recognized Veronica’s Grave: A Daughter’s Memoir by Barbara Bracht Donsky as a 2016 FINALIST in the category of memoir.

The competition, with thousands of entries, is judged by experts from all aspects of the book industry, including publishers, writers, editors, book cover designers and professional copywriters. They select the award winners based on overall excellence.

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Fabulous Summertime Reads

What books are tucked away in your beach bag this summer? on your Kindle? lying next to the bed on the night-table? Did you say Veronica’s Grave?  Well, that certainly makes me as happy as the day is long.  As do your notes and emails telling how much the book has meant to you. Keep them coming!  It has long been my hope that Veronica's Grave would shed light and bring understanding to a neglected problem -- that of children who have been silenced for a lifetime by family secrets.

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Let's Go to the Movies! Let's Go to the Louvre!

Francofonia, the latest from the Russian filmmaker Alexander Sokurov, is a mediation on the twisted threads of culture, politics, history and art. At the opening, we find the director in his cramped book-lined study, talking via Skype with Captain Dirk, who’s piloting an ocean-going cargo ship that's foundering in high seas. Heavy-laden with priceless artworks from a museum, the ship begins taking on water, endangering both cargo and crew.

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