La Maison du Chocolat: Choc is Chic!

Hello Guys and Gals!

Tucked in among the classics...

Tucked in among the classics...

My thanks to those who have inquired as to why there have been so few posts of late. In years gone by, I've taken a break between Memorial Day and Labor Day, as it’s not as much fun bopping around the city in 90-degree weather, but I always pause to say goodbye, something I’ve not done until now for a number of reasons.

What's the story?

Mainly, it's that I’ve been hard at work on another book, which I hope to finish this summer, a preoccupation that has left me with little time for seeking out French style here in the city, and, more importantly, my favorite wining and dining companion has been under the weather of late. That said, the ‘Comeback Kid,' currently in rehab and not enjoying the cuisine at all, should be fit as a fiddle by the Fourth of July. All of which calls for a celebration, one that this year includes the publication of Missing Mother by Harper Collins Canada. Hooray! Hooray for the Comeback Kid!  Hooray for Harper Collins! Hooray for Canada celebrating 150 years of harmony on July 1st!  Hooray for Missing Mother! And, lastly, hooray for you and me!

Onward to Canada!

For those of you who have not heard, the manuscript of Missing Mother, while identical to that of Veronica’s Grave, is updated with “praise sheets” and a teaching and book club guide. Should you have friends who have not read Veronica’s Grave, a story of loss and family secrets, they can easily find the updated version at

A Sweet Indulgence

All of which doesn't mean I haven’t been thinking about you, dear reader, especially when store windows on Madison Avenue declaring Choc is Chic! brought me to a standstill. I ventured in to discover the beautifully redesigned 'La Maison du Chocolat,' which turned out to be the perfect place to pick up a hostess gift for my friend, Sabeeha Rehman, the author of Threading My Prayer Rug: One Woman’s Journey from Pakistani Muslim to American Muslim. Sabeeha had invited me to join her book club for dinner and a discussion of Veronica’s Grave—a book club whose members have been together for twenty years, which may be something of a record.

Can you top that? How long has your book club been together? And speaking of books, have you come across any great reads that you'd be willing to share? Would love to hear. But getting back to the book club evening, the dinner was scrumptious, the questioning and comments lively and the chocolates très chic. See for yourself.

What's more, tucked away in the back of the shop is the newly redesigned tearoom, reminiscent of shops in Paris. Should you need a break from shopping Madison Avenue or from contending with too many masterpieces at the nearby Metropolitan Museum of Art, or if you're simply looking to indulge a health-conscious passion of nibbling rich dark chocolate, this is a sophisticated urban outpost to keep in mind. A sweet treat.

I'll have the dark chocolate truffles with the ganache centers, s'il vous plait...

I'll have the dark chocolate truffles with the ganache centers, s'il vous plait...

Until We Meet Again...

Wherever the season finds you, be it at home or abroad, in the mountains or by the seashore, may you enjoy sun-filled days and starlit evenings along with good companions and a bit of solitude. I look forward to seeing you after Labor Day, when I'll have the coffee brewing and—Mais oui!—dark chocolate truffles at the ready. Choc is Chic!

If you'd take a second to share the news about the imminent arrival of Missing Mother, I'd be most appreciative. Wishing you and yours a happy Fourth of July! Merci beaucoup mes amis... à plus tard.