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Très Chic Boutique: Niquea.D

New York is treasure trove of unforeseen pleasures and serendipitous surprises, not least of which is a chic boutique, Niquea.D on the Upper East Side.  It seems that in this great city, all you need do is turn a corner to find a store you’ve never laid eyes on before or a bakery that's an offshoot of its Parisian parent. So it was with Niquea.D.

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Meet Me in Paris...

Walking down Lexington Avenue, I catch a glimpse of Paris;  namely, the Brasserie Orsay at 75th Street. With summer hanging on in New York, every last table on the terrace is occupied. Am I disappointed? Not in the least, as I'm no fan of sidewalk dining, at least not here in New York where one has to contend with horns honking, sirens shrieking, and that grimy NYC sanitation truck blocking the street.

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Midnight in New York, Morning in Paris

Somewhere around midnight in New York, as I'm watching "Midnight in Paris" on my iPad, it occurs to me that Woody Allen’s Paris and mine are mirror images on one another. That both of us are besotted with Paris!  And mad about the historic monuments and magnificent squares --  the Eiffel Tower, the Arch of Triumph, the Place de la Concord -- that add so much to the beauty of the city.  Indeed, would Paris be Paris without them? At that point, I climb out of bed to compare my photographs with the fleeting images in the film. Starting with that of the Eiffel Tower.

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