Countdown to Pub Date

It's been an unbelievable week. First up was a photographic shoot with the New York Post at 3272 Decatur Avenue in the Bronx—my Nana's house, where I lived for five years after the death of my mother. The shoot was followed by an interview with Jane Ridley at The Post, who did an excellent job summing the issues. Included below is the hyperlink to her story as it appeared in The Post. What fun it was watching the story 'trending.' Early in the day, it followed a piece on Clinton-Trump, but by midday, it was leading the pack. To read more, click below. 

After which, I returned to the Bronx on yet another day to 2108 Ryer Avenue—my first home, Veronica's last—with the multi-talented Erin Clarke, the Bronx reporter for NY1 News. Being with her was like being with a modern-day version of one of my childhood heroines, Brenda Starr, Girl Reporter. Do you remember Brenda, she with the sparkling eyes and the determination to get the story? Of course, Brenda never had the video equipment that Erin uses so deftly. 

That day, we filmed in the rain, walked Ryer Avenue, and climbed a steep set of steps inside the building. A building without an elevator, or at least none that we could see, which left me wondering how Veronica managed to get a baby carriage up and down those steps, as she went about her errands every day. What follows is the link to the broadcast that was on NY1 News last Friday evening and all day Saturday.

Tomorrow, Monday, May 9th, will see the publication of my "book-baby" Veronica's Grave by She Writes Press. Being a small part of She Writes Press, a recent upstart in the publishing industry, has had many advantages. Not the least of which was a visit last Friday from one of my She Writes sisters, Diana Paul and her husband Doug, who were in town from Carmel, California. Diana is the author of Things Unsaid,  a dazzling exploration of a dysfunctional family.

And next week, I'll be meeting Sande Boritz Berger, another She Writes author of the poignant The Sweetness: A Novel, a tale of family secrets and Holocaust guilt. Sande and I will be at Barnes & Noble on Monday evening, May 16 at 7 PM, at the East 86th Street store, between Lexington and Third avenues. Come join us, we would love to see you.

Thanks for dropping by today. See you back here next week. Remember, sharing is caring. By sharing you help me to get out the good news about my book baby, Veronica's Grave. Merci beaucoup... and may life be good to you.