The Latest from Desperately Seeking Paris


Dear Friends,

Thanks to all who pre-ordered Veronicas' Grave. The outpouring of support and the praise lavished on the book has been most heart-warming. 

For those of you in and around the city, I wanted to let you know that in conjunction with the official publication on May 9th, when the book becomes available at booksellers nationwide, I will be at Barnes & Noble on East 86th Street (Lex- 3rd) Monday, May 16 at 7 PM. 

That evening I'll be discussing Veronica's Grave with Sande Boritz Berger the author of The Sweetness: A Novel, having to do with family secrets and survivor guilt after the Holocaust. 

It would be wonderful if you could join us and if you have not purchased a copy of Veronica's Grave, but intend to do so, perhaps you might hold off doing so until that evening. After all, it's what allows B&N to so generously host the author discussions and signings.  

What's more, tomorrow, Monday, I am returning to the Bronx for a photo shoot and an interview that the New York Post will publish as a Mother's Day piece. I thought you might enjoy seeing the full photo of the Bronx in the '40s, only the edges of which can be seen on these website pages.