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French Breads and Pastries: The Upper East Side

What better time to walk the streets of any great city than when it’s snowing or raining? It's that precipitation—be it rain, sleet, hail, snow or fog—has a way of blurring the sharp edges of a metropolis, slowing the pace of its inhabitants walking with downcast eyes, and lowering the decibel count. When the everyday hustle-bustle fades, the city takes a deep breath.    

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Vaucluse: Upstairs and Down

On a dark and drizzly evening,  walking north on Park Avenue around 5:30 PM,  I'm brought up short at the sight of lights glowing in the ground floor windows of what is now Vaucluse at the south-east corner of Park and 63rd Street. This space had long been home to Park Avenue -- Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn, a restaurant that changed its decor along with its menu from season to season. After a 22-year run,  the restaurateur, Michael Stillman, packed up his pots and pans, taking them to lower Park Avenue.

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