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Le Musée Picasso

A highlight of a trip to Paris last summer was a visit to the Musée Picasso. Having been undergoing years of renovation, modernization andexpansion, the museum reopened October 25, 2014. Recreating museums and giving them a whole new life is something the French do exceedingly well; indeed, they do it without compare. Turning up an hour before the opening time—Not until eleven, monsieur? —gave me an excuse to linger over coffee at a small café, Le Saint Gervais,  down the block from the museum, at the corner of rue Vieille du Temple. Taking a sidewalk table, I did little more than sit 'n' sip, if keeping an eye on a couple catching the morning rays in a secluded park across the street. All of which made for a quintessentially Parisian moment for this flaneuse/bloggeuse.

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