The Week that Was

Hello, Everyone!

This past week has been a whirlwind of activity, centering on the book launch of Veronica's Grave May 9th at the New York Society Library. Rather than tell you about it, I’m going to share a Facebook post written by another She Writes Press author, Marcia Mabee:

“I was thrilled to attend Barbara Donsky's debut author event for Veronica's Grave last evening. A Washington D.C./Virginia resident, I just happened to be in New York City accompanying my husband who is attending a conference. When I saw that Barbara's book was trending No. 1 on the New York Post, I sent her a note congratulating her and asking if, by chance, she would be doing an author event. She enthusiastically invited me to attend her fabulous event at the New York Society Library—the oldest library in New York, founded by Alexander Hamilton.

In an elegant second floor room, with historic portraits of August founders and patrons of the past serenely observing it all, nearly 100 people listened to Barbara read passages from her memoir. Especially powerful was the opening scene of the last memory she had of her mother before she disappeared from Barbara's life leaving behind a bewildered little three-year-old girl. Barbara deftly handled a series of questions from the audience, including one about how she coped with the news at age 8 that her mother had died. Barbara stated the news put her into a state of shock. But the best answer to that question is—read her book!”.

As for reading the book, a number of those who have pre-ordered Veronica’s Grave, have experienced shipping delays. Hang in there, Little Tomatoes. Demand is strong; books are on the way.

Interest has been fueled by an article in the New York Post by Jane Ridley, My Mother Died and No One Told Me,  and an interview videotaped by Erin Clark that appeared on NY1 News. I know many of you have seen them, but I’m including the links as there are many readers of Desperately Seeking Paris who do not receive the email updates.  

Then, too, there is the charming piece ‘20 Questions with Barbara Donsky’ by the English writer, Virginia Macgregor whose second novel The Astonishing Return of Norah Wells, with its focus on contemporary issues and family life, was published January 2016. Her earlier book, What Milo Saw, which also uses a child narrator, as does Veronica’s Grave, has been translated into 11 languages.    

Next up is the Barnes & Noble flagship store on East 86th Street tomorrow, May 16th at 7 PM, when I will discussing the book with another She Writes Press Author, Sande Boritz Berger, the author of The Sweetness: A Novel, having to do with family secrets and survivor guilt.

If you’re in New York, do drop by and introduce yourself! 

Until next week, remember that sharing is caring... Merci beaucoup