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At the Guggenheim: The Book Fairy Strikes Again!

Hello and welcome back Guys and Gals!

I hope your summer was refreshing to body and soul, whether you were at-home or abroad, at the seashore or in the mountains. Mine was spent in front of the computer screen, happily researching and writing another memoir. Why leave home if you’re having such a good time?

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Calling Audio-Book Fans: 25 Copies Available Free

After months in the works, this week finds us doing the final edits of the audio-book of Veronica’s Grave: A Daughter’s Memoir.  The Audible version, narrated by Leslie S. Miller, will be released shortly on Amazon, iTunes and through other nationwide outlets. 

Listening last week to Leslie’s reading of my memoir was a joy! I became so carried away, that it was as if I was listening to someone else’s story. So, who is this enchantress?

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Fabulous Summertime Reads

What books are tucked away in your beach bag this summer? on your Kindle? lying next to the bed on the night-table? Did you say Veronica’s Grave?  Well, that certainly makes me as happy as the day is long.  As do your notes and emails telling how much the book has meant to you. Keep them coming!  It has long been my hope that Veronica's Grave would shed light and bring understanding to a neglected problem -- that of children who have been silenced for a lifetime by family secrets.

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Inspired by Books

I am honored that Veronica's Grave received such a thoughtful and charming review from Inspired by Books -- a thinking woman's blog devoted to seeking the inspirational in books. Be it in the classics or in poetry, in memoir or in mystery. This lover of books, Andrea Laszlo, does it all! Here is her recent post on Veronica's Grave: 

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The Week that Was

Hello, Everyone!

This past week has been a whirlwind of activity, centering on the book launch of Veronica's Grave May 9th at the New York Society Library. Rather than tell you about it, I’m going to share a Facebook post written by another She Writes Press author, Marcia Mabee:

 “I was thrilled to attend Barbara Donsky's debut author event for Veronica's Grave last evening. A Washington D.C./Virginia resident, I just happened to be in New York City accompanying my husband who is attending a conference. When I saw that Barbara's book was trending No. 1 on the New York Post, I sent her a note congratulating her and asking if, by chance, she would be doing an author event. She enthusiastically invited me to attend her fabulous event at the New York Society Library -- the oldest library in New York, founded by Alexander Hamilton.

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"No One Told Me My Mother Had Died"

To support the publication of Veronica's Grave, May 9th, an article I wrote was published last week in

Grief Healing: Voices of Experience. 

Both the article and memoir were written in the hope of drawing awareness to the problem that children are often left to grieve the loss of a loved one alone. Such losses may be due to death, incarceration, or even divorce. I wanted to share this piece with you, for in an ideal world no child would ever be left to grieve alone.

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